The World's Most Unique Handmade Papers

Come join in the adventure of handmade papers, honoring the tradition of over 1,000 years in paper making. KMVCO focuses on creating and partnering with the best handmade paper artisans in the world.

Why handmade paper? Handmade paper has a touch and feel like no other. It hearkens back to the days when almost everything of worth was handmade by artisans.

At KMVCO we celebrate the uniqueness that comes with each handmade sheet. Used for journal making, invitations, wedding announcements, printed projects, art, and more, handmade paper gives a stunning look and incredible feel to any project.

In life, it’s the stories we remember, and each handmade item from KMVCO carries a story. Created from the warmth of the sun, and minerals from the earth, in the case of handmade lokta, the inner bark is harvested by hand. The bushes regrow quickly after being cut.

Carried down the mountain on the backs of donkeys, the inner bark strips are cooked into a mash, with the fibrous pulp then spread by hand across boxed screens and set to dry in the Himalayan sunshine.

But the journey doesn’t end there as our finished papers come to the hands of those who appreciate the handmade and create something beautiful wether it be art, invitations, journaling, or more, and joining it with their story in the process.